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What to do when brows go wrong
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Everyone’s got a brow horror story to tell you. Over dyed them, bald patches, some wise guy shaved one off at a party – you name it, someone’s had it. So what is it about brows that bring us more pain than any other feature? Considering they’re the framers of the face, it’s even more horrifying when things go wrong. And they do. Too often.

Helping us to clean up our mess on too many occasions to count, blink brow bar and Brow expert Shavata Singh let us in on a quick fixes and how to get your brows on point next time.

You’ve over-plucked… you went in for one, seemingly solitary hair and ended up plucking out a clump. Ouch.  

Fix: The key culprit to this is probably a pair of blunt tweezers – a shiny new sharp pair have the precision to pluck the rogue hairs so you’re able to follow the arch shape and not get a bunch by accident. A professional shaping appointment is also a good plan – you’ll only need one then the only up keep is to pluck a few stray hairs from the fuller area of the arch. Leave the shaping to the experts!

You’ve over-dyed… you thought you would get a richer, more defined colour that would frame your face – instead it looks like you’ve rubbed charcoal on your brows.

Fix: Put down the bleach. We know it’s tempting but you’ll end up bald. Unfortunately a quick fix doesn’t exist, however Tea Tree oil is a great natural remedy that will gently strip the colour from your hairs without damaging them. Soak a cotton pad then wipe your brows twice a day. 

You’ve mis-judged the length… you got a bit to plucky and now have stumpy brows.

Fix: Yep, that’s happened to us all. To stop it happening again, take a pencil and place the bottom on one side of your nose pointing it straight up past the inner corner of your eye - this is where the brow should start. Next, keeping the end of the pencil held against your nose, point past the outer corner of your eye. This is where the brow should end. Whilst you wait for your brows to grow back – keep your liner in these boundaries when you’re filling them in (because nothing gives the game away more than over extend liner).

You’ve got a pointy arch… you shaped your brows when you’d pulled your skin tight and now a dramatic triangle has happened. We feel you.

Fix: Everybody’s natural or ideal arch position will be different. Similar to the above, hold the end of a pencil against you nose and use it like a compass (remember drawing circles in school?). Pivot the pencil over your eye whilst holding the nose end firm. This’ll stencil the perfect arch for you. A soft, subtle arch is a trend we’re seeing at the moment but a trend doesn’t always suit everyone so creating your own template is you’re best bet. 

You've got uneven brows... You tried and tried but just can't get the damn things even. 

Fix: 'Remember brows are sisters, not twins. If you try to make your brows identical you'll end up plucking them to nothing. I recommend tweezing a few hairs daily - whilst the hairs are short, it is easier to tell which should stay and which need to go and you're more likely to be able to keep your perfect shape,' explains Shavata.


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