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What to do when hair dye goes wrong
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Call it a right of passage – we all have to be on the receiving end of dodgy dye job and live to tell the tale. Whether that be a colour that looked ace on Ellie Goulding but didn’t quite translate to the life of an insurance broker (weirdly) or you’ve gone completely the wrong shade of blonde, missed clumps leaving you with tufts of grey or you’ve just over done it with the bleach and now your hair is falling out. It happens to the best of us, ladies. Welcome to the club.   

That said, when it happens we need a fix – and fast. We’ve broken down the most common hair horrors and explained how to fix.

You’ve gotten bleach happy

Ah yes. The clanger of every teenager loosing her baby blonde hair – we remember it well. Bleach not only strips hair of colour, but natural oils too which is why it feels dry and knotty after dying. We recommend you immediately put a toner on it to bring down the brightness and yellow tones. After a couple of weeks of consistant conditioning, it’ll be strong enough to put a colour over the top.  

You’ve over dyed and your hair is now falling out

We love that you enjoy re-inventing your look and trying out different styles – your hair? Not so much. When hair is breaking, the best thing you can do is book in for a good cut. This will stop hair from splitting further up the hair shaft. Also overdose on hydrating conditioners. Because hair is so fragile, even shampooing can be too stripping so apply condition first (this will take some getting used to) and leave it on for a couple of minutes before you rinse. Also try to increase your intake of protein to help strengthen hair like it does muscles.

You’ve missed a bit

Tricky when you can’t see the back of your head. To touch up the paches you’ve missed phone a friend. If no ones home, pull out the clumps and massage in dye to just these patches. In future, lather dye in like shampoo rather than painting through layers like a colourist would. It’s much easier to get every strand.

You’ve gone too dark

Drop the bottle of bleach! Although it might seem like the logical answer it’ll do much more damage. Immediately wash you hair with a clarifying shampoo to get all residues off – the faster you can get it off the better. It’s very hard to lighten hair once it is dark so to avoid a further blunder we’d recommend a trip to the salon. To stop it happening again, always do a patch test on a stand and if you’re worried go a shade lighter than you think you want. It’s easy to build up but super tricky to lighten.

Your ‘natural’ highlights are too light

If you think about hair in the sun, it goes multiple shades of blonde. The biggest mistake women make is hitting the bottle of bleach as it takes away multi-tonal hair. Instead, mix in different shades of blonde and pull through hair – always leaving a bit at the roots to blend the colour in.

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