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What is draping?
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Hot off the back of Fashion Week we’ve been dabbling our make-up brushes in the new technique ‘draping’. And we think you’ll like it…

What is draping?

“While everyone else was still contouring, Trend-Led Tara was way ahead of the game with her draping.”

Get ready girls. There’s a new contouring trick on the block. Draping involves using two shades of blusher to contour your cheeks in a fresher way than bronzer. The name comes from how colour can be used to enhance your face’s natural contours by ‘draping’ the colour over your cheekbones to enhance them. Sneaky.

Who needs it?

If you’re a blusher addict or if you want to update your usual contouring shenanigans, then this trick is for you. It looks more natural than your bog-standard contour too.

Where do we find it?

To scoff: No eating with this one!

To smother: You’ll need two shades of blusher. One needs to be deeper (this goes underneath your cheekbones) while the other needs to be lighter (you guessed it, this one goes on top of your cheekbones) to add shade and highlight. It helps if your blusher is on the matte side – anything too shimmery will look a bit spangly for this look.

Where should it go on our face?

To look natural, stay in the confines of your cheekbones and try not to bring blusher as far as your apples – stay on the sides of your cheeks rather than the front. However, if you want to push the blusher boat out you can always bring this up towards your temples for a more dramatic flush.

Power Tip: Make sure you blend and buff the two colours together once they’re on your cheeks for an undetectable finish – racing stripes are a no-no.

Avoid it…

All over your face. Unlike your usual contouring, you don’t want to contour your whole face with blusher. Keep it to your cheekbones are you’re good to go.

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