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What to eat to improve your skin
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Imagine if all the punchiest skincare ingredients you needed to get excellent skin were in your fridge? This claim may sound a bit like the stuff of fantasy but, quite seriously, check this out. Most of the skincare ingredients your skin needs can be found in a bog standard, everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get the right vitamins and nourishment into your meals and your skin will be on its A-game. After all, it’s counterproductive to smother your face in expensive potions if you’re not looking after yourself from the inside too, right?

We’ve been Powder testing the fruits that make you flawless and the veg that will take your skin to the dizzy heights that no amount of Creme de la Mer will manage. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (@thisispowder, go on, give us a follow) where we will be posting a skin-boosting food daily to keep you on track.

In the meantime, get these on your shopping list…


If you’re worried about lines and wrinkles

Kiwi: the humble kiwi has 120% of your recommended daily vitamin C, which is essential for the production of collagen (the spongy stuff that keeps your skin bouncy and plump as a space hopper). Eating a kiwi a day will keep the wrinkles away. Or at the very least will make them less noticeable.

Melon: dehydrated skins are more wrinkle-prone, so it’s essential to keep your water levels topped up. Melon contains a whopping 95% water, so it’s a great fruit to help you on your way. It’s also a great source of collagen too, which will help to blur out lines and keep skin firm. Amen to that.

Olive oil: a study has shown that those who consume olive oil daily are less susceptible to premature ageing and wrinkles. That’s all down to the polyphenols, which basically act as skincare superheroes – protecting cells from external damage (sun exposure and pollution, we’re looking at you) that can rapidly increase wrinkles. Protected cells are happy cells – try a drizzle on your salad.


If your skin’s drier than the Sahara

Cucumber: apart from being an ideal eye soother (staple accompaniment to any self respecting toweling dressing gown) and a great companion in your Pimm’s, cucumber is essential for drier skins. It’s packed with silica, the ingredient that helps to boost hyaluronic acid naturally found in your skin, which basically equals moisture and hydration. It’s also packed with 96% water to help skin stay hydrated. Pretty cool for a cucumber.

Avocado: we know we’re all sick of hearing about avocado, but the healthy monounsaturated fats they contain help skin retain moisture and keep skin plump. It also calms irritation by repairing damaged skin cells. Clever.

Salmon: avocado’s brunch-time soul sister helps to reinforce the skin’s barrier with omega 3, meaning your skin will be hydrated and retain moisture better. You can wave those dry patches goodbye.


If your skin is looking a little dull

Dark chocolate: nope, that isn’t a typo. Weirdly, dark chocolate actually contains antioxidants that help to improve skin’s circulation for a brighter complexion. Yes people – technically chocolate is good for your skin. You’ll need to go for something with at least 70% cocoa though and not get too snack-happy at 3pm. Try to limit yourself to a couple of squares a day. Sadly, a KitKat doesn’t count.

Carrot: get your Bugs Bunny on! Containing carotenoids (they’re what gives them their bright orange colour), they help to brighten up a grey complexion. Rest assured, they won’t turn you in to an Oompa Loompa. Pop them in a juice or chop them up for a snack at your desk.

Beetroot: this veg might not be your white outfit’s friend, but it’s for sure your skin’s. It increases oxygen in the bloodstream, meaning your skin will be beaming.


If pigmentation is the prob

Papaya: this exotic fruit acts as a natural exfoliant to lighten up dark spots and uneven skin tone for a clearer complexion. It’s also got TWO DAYS worth of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Race you to the papaya aisle.

Tomato: now tomatoes are pretty special. They increase the skin’s natural SPF to help prevent sun damage that causes any dark spots in the first place. And, they’re also bursting with vitamin C, which will help to brighten up your skin. So you’ll be defeating pigmentation from all angles. It’s certainly an excuse for a Bloody Mary.

Apricot: These guys show dead skin cells the door and help newer skin cells get a wriggle on so the they can make their debut and reveal a brighter complexion. Dark spots will be less noticeable too. Sweet!


If you’re being taken over by spots:

Kidney beans: these little guys are a bit of a dark horse. They have a high zinc content that helps to prevent and eradicate spots before the little buggers appear. Research has shown that those with lower levels of zinc in their diets are more prone to spots, so it’s worth getting more into your diet to correct the root cause of the problem.

Strawberries: take advantage of strawberry season – these hardworking berries are a natural source of salicylic acid, the sassy spot-busting ingredient that de-clogs your pores. And while we all know that oranges steal the limelight when it comes to vitamin C, it’s worth knowing that strawberries have an even higher content, helping skin fight pesky free-radicals that break down collagen.

Lemon: a lot of the time, spots can give you a clue to what’s going on in your gut. The more toxins there are, the more likely that spots will start cropping up on your face. Lemon acts as a natural antibacterial to tell those naughty toxins where to go, leaving your skin clearer. What a lifesaver.

We’ll see you at the checkout.

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