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Is this the antidote to your party season hangover?
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Where there is Christmas and festive spirit, there is, inevitably, an atrocious hangover in its wake. And while there are a few tricks said to nip the dull, relentless headache, the tingly fingertips and let’s not forget the sickness in the bud, none seem to actually work. That’s where infusions come in.


Also known as intravenous therapy, infusions are essentially a ‘drip’ that feed vitamins, minerals and restorative ingredients directly into your blood stream. What we’re talking about aren’t the actual drips you get in a hospital – similar but different - but the ones you get to ward off illness, boost hydration levels and help the body combat sleep deprivation, hangovers and the like. All the celebs get them, dahling - try Cindy Crawford, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne for starters - so why wouldn’t we?


As mentioned, there are different infusions for different maladies and, to add to that, different companies offer different treatments. I tried one with Reviv, who offer their services around the world (but also in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge) when I was slightly hungover and slightly under the weather, too.

The team there were excellent – for efficacy and safety reasons they only use NHS trained doctors and nurses to administer their drips – and they explained to me that an infusion is absorbed far more effectively into the body than, say, a supplement might (50% more if we’re talking figures). What I got was an ‘Ultraviv’ Infusion that, thanks to the Vitamin B12 and super hydrating fluids it contains, was supposed to give me back some energy, get rid of any nausea or pain, reduce inflammation and basically help my body to recover from the strains of a bad hangover. Because alcohol is a diuretic (meaning it shafts fluids out of the body leaving you very dehydrated), even just the act of getting fluid administered directly to your body means that headaches and that awful morning-after-the-night-before feeling are alleviated.


Not nearly as bad as you might think.  After the cannula went into my arm, which, I wont lie, isn’t the best feeling in the world, all I could feel was a cold feeling initially, and then nothing. The whole thing takes up to twenty minutes and the nurses are so nice that you pass time by having a chat.  If you are super needle shy, however, know that they are involved so it may not be for you.


After around an hour, I felt much more alive and less groggy. While I was there, I was also told that the drips are also preventative and help the immune system be its best self so many of the benefits I was unlikely to realize I was experiencing. That said, it felt good to feel like my body was fortified, hydrated and would push out toxins in the coming hours, so it was a big yes from me.

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