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What is strobing make-up?
What is strobing make-up? Image Credit:

So, it’s been dubbed as the new contouring, but what actually is strobing make-up? Basically, just a fancy term for really good highlighting! In response to the super sculpted look, strobing has arrived as a much softer and easier alternative (and thank the beauty gods for that - contouring was a small nightmare to master!). But more importantly it’s much quicker, because, let’s be honest, who really has time to manually sculpt each individual facial feature on a daily basis anyway? Nope, not us! We’re prioritising sipping vino and sunning it up.

We digress - back to strobing. So first up, surrender the bronzer. We know it’s hard, but put it down! Whereas contouring sculpts the face with contrasting powder, strobing does it with a highlighter, which goes something like this…

‘The trick is to focus on the high points of you face’ explains Laura Mercier’s International Makeup Artist Sasha Ghodstinat. ‘Sticking to areas the light would naturally hit (this means focusing some strobing attention on your cheek bones, brow bones, bridge of the nose and chin) to give skin some serious oomph.’ Apply the highlighter over your foundation and remember to skip the final powder step, as you want to keep things looking as fresh faced as possible. Unlike contouring, your face won’t feel suffocated in layer upon layer of make-up, which is great for warm weather (no one wants to be caked in foundation when it’s 35 degrees).

So it’s all sounding great so far, only how to do stop your face turning into a shine-fest? Go for a pearlescent highlighter rather than a glittery one. We’re going for grown up glow here people, not '90s disco. Our final power tip is to mix a little bit of highlighter with your foundation too, to really amp up the radiance factor.

Good to glow…

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