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What is tantouring?
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Oh we do love a new trick to get us a pair of cheekbones a la Moss, but we didn’t expect to get them from a bottle of fake tan. Tantouring is the lastest beauty trick taking Instagram by storm, but what actually is it? Basically, think contouring but a much more natural and easier version (thank the beauty gods for that!).

The only tools you need are a blusher brush and fake tan mousse (no foundation, bronzer, highlighter – tantouring is for those off-duty days). Squirt a bit of mousse on a mitt (you don’t want it on your hands, as you do foundation, as you’ll end up with orange palms) and then dab your brush in as you would with a pot of blusher.

Next, stroke the brush under the apple of your cheeks and up towards your hairline in a c-shape. This gives you the razor sharp definition you’re after. Once it's developed you can put foundation on top and blend it over, or you’ll still get the same effect if you go au natural.

If you hate the though of fake tanning your face – try tantouring your body instead. With the same brush sculpt a toned stomach, leaner legs, defined arms – all without breaking into a sweat.

And it you hate fake tan altogether, 1. How have you got down to the bottom of this article? and 2. Just use a liquid bronzer. You’ll get the same effect but it obviously washes off a lot quicker.

So there you have it - tantouring: another one to add to our beauty dictionary.

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