` What is tightlining?
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What is tight-lining?
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This week we’re putting tight-lining through its paces to find out exactly what it’s all about…

What is it?

“Natural-Face Nancy used tight-lining to trick people into believing she was always fresh-faced and fabulous. Naughty Natural-Face Nancy.”

This little trick is a nifty way to naturally define your eyes and fake the look of fuller lashes without the faff  *cough * meltdowns you can get with liquid liner. All you do is run your kohl liner underneath or in between your top lashes ­– you can get the same effect with a dark eye shadow and a small brush too. Sneaky.

Who needs it?

Everyone can get on board with this one. If you have small peepers or hooded eyes, tight-lining works well to give your eyes some subtle definition, especially if you find that normal liner or liquid liner looks too heavy. As for other eye shapes, this will look smoking on you too. It defines your eye shape and will make your lashes look thicker and darker.

Where do we find it?

To scoff: No eating with this one, we’re sad to report.

To smother: You’ll want a soft kohl liner for your waterline, or if not, take a small angled eye shadow brush and push a little bit of dark eye shadow in between your lashes. Job done.

When should it go on our face?

Whenever you feel like making a statement. For work, for dinner, for selfies. There’s really no limit with this one.

Avoid it…

If you have sensitive eyes you might want to pop it in between your lashes rather than on your actual waterline for minimal irritation. And never, ever tight-line with liquid liner. It will literally go straight into your eyes and cause all kinds of chaos.

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