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Skin Notes
What time do your beauty products work best?
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We’re fluent in ‘skin’. Yes that’s a language. Until recently we, like most, thought skin just had one gear. Either oily, dry, combination… the list continues. However, after speaking to skin linguist extraordinaire Dr Alexis Granite (her official title being Consultant Dermatologist of leading London clinic Cadogan Cosmetics) she explained that skin evolves and gives you signals throughout the day about what products you should be using.

So we’ve been studying the language of skin avidly because ‘different factors may have an impact on skin, including ambient weather conditions, indoor climate and the activities we engage in which can change by the hour,’ and with that we’ve compiled the basics.  Here are our tips to interpret what your skin’s asking for.


The best thing you can do for your skin in the morning is to cleanse so you start the day with freshly washed skin. Now is the time to put antioxidant serums on – they’ll fight off pollution, kick-start collagen production and even out skin tone before you apply your make-up. Also pile on the SPF. Every day. Yep, that’s EVERY day encase you glossed over that…


If you’ve got oily skin… This is the time that shine will start to creep in as sebum production increases throughout the day. Dr Granite advises, ‘I know it’s hard, but try to avoid picking or rubbing skin with your fingers and resting phones against your face if you're breakout prone - these may introduce more bacteria onto the skin. Blotting papers or primers can help soak up excess oil so keep some handy for when things start to get shiny.

If you’ve got dry skin… When you’re being blasted with air con or heating (we can’t decide which is worse) all day skin will get drier as the day progresses. Dr Granite told us to ‘drink as much water as you can and try using a face mist to inject some moisture back into tight skin.’

If you’ve got sensitive skin… Or even if you don’t but have a super stressful lifestyle, to stop skin getting angry at you ‘keep temperatures as cool as possible in the office and at home to minimise redness, apply pressed or loose powder with green tones to help neutralise flushing and, if you can, steer clear of hot drinks.’ Trust us, your fragile skin is not a fan of hot steam.


See that? On your face? It’s all got to be washed off. We’ve started doing a double cleanse – once will remove the make up, twice will unclog the pores. Dr Granite has also got us using topical retinoids that you can get in over-the-counter products (your pharmacist will know) which are a high derivative of vitamin A which helps keep pores clear, maintain and even skin tone and minimise fine lines and wrinkles.


This is when the magic happens. ‘Everything ramps up during sleep including cellular regeneration and repair, collagen production and blood flow,’ explains Dr Granite. ‘As blood flow to the skin increases during sleep, products applied at night are often better absorbed during this time.’ The skin also re-hydrates during sleep so products would do well to capitalise on this natural regeneration.

If you’re feeling inspired by all the advice from Dr Granite you can book an appointment at the Cadogan Cosmetics Clinic

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