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Which sodding foundation brush should you use?
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Foundation – there’s so much more to it than finding the right shade. The texture, the finish and the application are equally important. Application, in particular, is key ladies. Whether you’re after full, medium or sheer coverage, only a part of achieving that look is based on the formula. Choosing your applicator correctly is essential for achieving a seamless base.

Flat & pointed 

For you if… You love full coverage and a selfie 

This is the most traditional foundation brush – you’ve probably already got one in your makeup bag. Its ideal mate is a liquid foundation and together they create a flawless finish. The bristles are flattened so it glides effortlessly across skin. They’re also slightly bendy so move with the contours of your face creating a smooth perfect appearance. The pointed tip means that you can get into the hard to reach areas, like the bit around your nose, so no part of your face will go untouched. Be warned, these brushes dispense a lot of product onto your skin, with very little, to no blend to them - not the one if you’re after a natural look.


For you if… Flawless is the only finish you’re after 

This chunky monkey is full of densely packed short natural bristles that pick up powder foundations evenly. The dream. Using circular motions buff the colour into your skin for full, flawless coverage. It’s also handily mini so fits in most handbags. Hooray.


For you if… You’ve got a lot to cover and don’t want any creases 

You probably saw the word sponge and automatically thought of Beauty Blender, because it’s of course the most famous sponge in the world nowadays (even more so than Bob). The best thing about a sponge applicator is that it evens everything out and gets rid of any lines created by other brushes. Consider this your second applicator, after one of the more traditional brushes.


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For you if… You’re a foundation prude and love a natural look 

This has a mixture of black and white bristles – shorter, more concentrated dark ones at the bottom and long sparse white ones at the top. The black bristles deposit foundation onto skin, while the white bristles blend it in for that diffused ‘oh so natural’ look. It works incredibly well on tinted moisturisers or really sheer foundations.  


For you if… You don't want to look like you're wearing a mask

This is a really peculiar looking one. The bristles are on the side of the brush for starters (it’s been ergonomically designed so that when you’re applying in the mirror, your view isn’t blocked by your own hand – giving you maximum control), and secondly they’re densely packed and curved. The rounded shape creates a beautiful airbrushed finish by blending the product into your face.


POW_WER TIP: Remember to clean your brushes once a week to ward off bacteria and spots. If you don’t have a specific brush cleaner, baby shampoo works well although try to avoid anything perfumed as it can send skin into a wild rage. 


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