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What you need to know about white tea
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You’ve heard of the skin and body benefits of green tea but what do you know about white tea? Read on for the need to know…

What is it?

When the Camellia Sinensis plant grows, it grows leaves -  major surprise – and it’s these leaves that are chopped off to make tea. The tea’s colour – green, black, white - is down to the processes the leaves go through post-chop.

White tea is the least processed; while the leaves are fermented to get black tea and dried to get green tea, white is left as is. To put it simply, without getting too Brian Cox ‘on the universe’, this means that there are higher numbers of catechins (which are antioxidants) in white tea. So more catechins = higher antioxidant value = very good for skin.

What does it do to skin?

When antioxidants are high, so is skin’s protection against the environment, pollution, the sun – anything and everything, really. Defence is the best policy when it comes to skin – what you’re warding off when you load up on antioxidants is wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone, and more scary diseases like skin cancer.

It has more than the antioxidant string to its bow too. It also stops collagen and elastin-destroying enzymes in their tracks, meaning that skin will remain plumper, healthier and bouncier for longer – there will be no sagging here. 

And if that’s not enough, it’s also antibacterial which means that if you’re acne prone, it’s a godsend. It will kill spot-causing bacteria and keep any congested areas clean while preventing any new patches of awfulness at the same time.

Who needs it?

Anyone with skin, really. If you’re someone who suffers from spots, then it’s a great shout to add in to your regime; for the rest of you, potent antioxidants like white tea are essential for the future of your skin.

Where can you find it?

Origins do a great line of products totally dedicated to white tea; it’s called A Perfect World (trademarked, don’t you know) and there are 7 products in total.  Try the new SPF40 Age-Defense Moisturiser for double whammy skin protection (praise be to the SPF) or the Antioxidant Cleanser, which works on all skin types.

Keep Neal’s Yards White Tea Facial Mist on your desk at all times for antioxidant protection on the job.  And if you’re a bit more DIY, try mixing your own face mask. One tablespoon of powdered white tea leaves (get them from Amazon) mixed with 3 tablespoons of full fat yoghurt makes a pretty damn good face mask that will clarify the living daylights out of your skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off.

When should it go on our face?

Daily, morning and evening.

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