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Why LED teeth whitening is the way forward
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We’re always keen to try out new tech and treatments here at Powder HQ, so when an email landed in our inbox about giving teeth whitening a go, we were straight on over to Diamond Whites to try it out.

These guys specialise in LED whitening, which uses light to brighten up your nashers. Rather than coating on loads of bleach (which is, quite frankly, terrifying) this treatment uses less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This is a pretty low percentage, so it’s a safe bet if you have sensitive teeth or are new to teeth whitening and don’t want to go overboard. It also meets EU regulations so it’s totally safe and you can rest assure your teeth won’t dissolve away – thank God.

How it goes…

  • Before your treatment you’ll need to make a visit to your dentist to make sure the procedure is A-OK for you and your teeth.
  • Once you’ve got the thumbs up and booked your appointment, a teeth-whitening guru measures your teeth against a chart before the treatment to figure out your current shade.
  • Next, you bite into a clear gum tray that’s filled with the whitening gel. This holds your mouth open to expose your teeth (at this stage you look like the Internet sensation, Tuna the dog. Haven’t seen it? Give it a cheeky Google).
  • Now sit back and relax for 40 minutes as they position the LED light near your mouth to activate the gel. Once your time is up, you remove the gum tray and rinse your mouth of the gel.

They then measure your teeth again and note how many shades you’ve lightened up.

The result:

I was cynical about how much difference the treatment would make, but was proved wrong. My teeth actually went up to be five shades whiter. As a guide, I never had my teeth whitened before this treatment and thanks to my daily cup of black coffee, my teeth were smack bang in the middle of the chart. Not really yellow, but not blinding white either.

My sample treatment lasted for 20 minutes and my teeth did look brighter – nothing too drastic, but much like the effects of the brightening edit tool on Instagram. A typical treatment lasts 40 minutes, so we reckon you would get even better results the longer your treatment is.

What’s more, I didn’t suffer from any sensitivity during or after the treatment, meaning you won’t have to cancel on a Ben and Jerry’s sesh. The only discomfort I encountered was a bit of an achy jaw during the treatment, but it’s a small inconvenience to pay for whiter teeth, right?

It’s also worth noting that there’s a limit to how white your teeth can get, which is normally down to your genetics and if you’re big on your coffee or red wine. In other words, don’t go in with expectations of a mega-watt smile – think more along the lines of a brighter version of how your teeth are now, which is definitely something to smile about.

Diamond Whites treatments start from £89.99. For more information check out diamondwhites.co.uk

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