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Why this mascara keeps selling out
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If we’ve learnt anything from years in the beauty industry it’s always trust a brand with a cult following. Always. You only need to see what happened to now mega brands, Jo Malone, Beauty Blender and Aesop to know those cult groupies are onto a winner.

So what are they chasing next? CODE Beautiful that’s what. The new FFL (Forget False Lashes) Lash Plumper isn’t just another volumising mascara. It’s a pre-mascara. For falsie addicts who’ve been left with weedy, thinning lashes (or if you just love the voluminous look), this bulks up lashes before you apply mascara.

The only snag is they’re regular sell-outs and here’s why:

It makes your lashes actually grow

Working like fertilizer, it conditions lashes in 14 vitamins and minerals that hydrates and encourage hair to grow instantly and over time but also strengthen the anchor of the root so you don’t get drop out. Even if you have a mascara free day, still apply as a treatment or a lash-mask before bed.  

Layer it up

Creamy and smudge proof, it dries in 30 seconds so you can build it up quickly without any clumps.

The brush is a winner…

It might not look like the new high-tech fancy brushes, but the oldies are the goodies (ask any make-up artist). Hard bristles with different lengths and gaps between them (acting like a comb) make it easy to get in between lashes. Wiggle at the roots to volumise, then twist the brush up through the lashes to elongate.

Once on, follow with CODE VLM (Volumising Lengthening Mascara). It tints and perfects lashes, and you can build up throughout the day – just before cocktails with the girls or before a big board meeting. The different length bristles means you’ll never have too much product on the brush. No worry of overloading lashes with product and no smudges – hurrah! One coat gives you natural but it easily builds up to fuller lashes.

Fancy a flutter? You’ll have to be quick…


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