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Why the office is ageing you
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We aren’t suggesting you hand in your notice immediately on the grounds of ill health, but there are things to be aware of in your, seemingly harmless, office.

UVA will find you. Even indoors

It’s lovely having a window seat, but UVA rays can penetrate glass. Moving desks is one, slightly excessive we’ll admit, solution. Wearing a broad spectrum SPF (look for the UVA stars on the bottle) is another. UVA causes oxidative stress in the skin, damaging collagen at the same time, so snack your way through antioxidant rich foods at your desk such as berries and green leafy vegetables.

AC is the devil

Whilst air conditioning may provide some pleasant relief, your skin hates it. Really hates it. You’ll know for yourself how tight and dry skin can feel after a day in the office. We all know the drier your skin, the sooner it’ll show signs of ageing. Air humidity is almost non-existent when the AC is cranked up; good news for frizz, terrible news for our skin. When the air is lacking in water it literally sucks the moisture from our poor skin. Extremely dryness will make every fine line will look all the more prominent, literally ‘ageing’ you by the minute. Keep you skin moisturised with an inside out approach. Plenty of fluids and a face spritz on your desk is a great way of topping up moisture levels.

Exterminate the germinates. They’re all over your desks

We keep an antibacterial hand lotion on our desk and in our bag at all times. Slightly excessive you might be thinking? Read on. The humble keyboard is in the top five most germ-contaminated spots in the office containing approximately 10,000,000 bacteria. That’s more bacteria per square inch than the office loo seat. Before you start manically disinfecting every inch of your desk, be sure to wash your hands too. Any germs that touch the face weaken its natural protective barrier (hello, spots!). Understand why we love our anti-bacterial hand lotion now?

Block everyone out (except your boss, obviously)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tell everyone to SHUT UP? We’re kidding, that would just be rude, but there is evidence to suggest that workers exposed to the noise level of an office for three hours had higher levels of the hormone adrenalin, which is associated with the body’s stress response. Stress hormones have been shown to be a catalyst for premature ageing (eek!). So instead of gagging your colleagues, pop on a pair of headphones and listen to your favourite music. If you find even that too distracting, there are many apps that you can download on your phone that will play soothing ‘background’ noise, which is just enough to block out the cacophony of a working office without serving as a distraction.

Pollution is indoors. Seriously
Bloomberg Business, who present the financial market news - tell us that the air inside a commercial building can sometimes be up to 100-times more polluted than the air outside. Yikes! We’re not suggesting you sit there with a gas mask on; it’s pretty harmless to your health. What it does do is cause inflammation in the skin, which then speeds up cellular ageing and dents collagen supplies. Dose up on antioxidants in your skincare and your lunch.

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