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Why we’re ANTI anti-ageing
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We wouldn't call it vanity (although if we were honest with ourselves that's a large part of it) but when we notice a couple of wrinkles creeping up we suddenly go into a frenzy and march down to the department store to get our hands on anything that has 'anti-ageing' stamped across it.

Well ladies, Powder is waging war on this obsession with looking like you’ve frozen your face in time and we’re building a beauty army. Ageing isn’t the gloomy demon that’s going to get you. You only need to look at a surgery-devoted A-lister who bears the skin of a 20-year-old but somehow (creepily) still looks their full age to realise that smoothing skin completely is futile. 

Products today are so sophisticated you can now successfully encourage collagen production (thus rendering wrinkles less deep), infuse the skin with a humectant (and therefore curb swelling), and overhaul the surface (nixing pigmentation). These things aren't 'anti-ageing' to feed the obsession with looking young, they're just making the best of the skin you have. Who cares if you've got crow's feet and few wrinkles when you've got plump, glowing skin?

So our advice on ageing beautifully without any ‘anti-’ baloney? Use a bloody good serum by all means. Stay out of the sun. Stimulate your mind and your skin. And do these, they’ll imbue you with a youthful glow in no time:

1. Give yourself a face massage

Super facialist Emma Hardie advises this step to all her clients, regardless of their age. It’s easy to see why – administering a massage in the form of small circles and strokes along and across muscles after applying a serum or oil will make the product penetrate more deeply (and therefore work better) and also boost circulation to the epidermis. You skin looks brighter and glowing as a result – you’ll forget the wrinkles exist.

2. Get your face working-out

Exercising the net of muscles lying under the skin can hugely influence tone and structure. We take our lead from expert Eva Fraser (who is in her mid 80s and still has wonderfully taut skin) by trying to incorporate a few of her toning exercises into our daily routine.

3. Go for a walk 

This may seem the most obvious of obvious beauty tips but we’re going to remind you of it anyway – a gentle walk trumps a run any day if you’re coming at it from a beauty perspective – you’ll dodge the sag-forming up and down motion and pressure on the knees and gain a perkier complexion courtesy of the fresh air and movement.

4. Stretch

The oldest trick in the book, a daily stretching session will help to stimulate lymphatic drainage and therefore reduce puffiness, and keep you limber, which is always a good thing.

5. Sleep enough, eat well and get your omegas

Again: hardly groundbreaking, but if you ain’t doing these, you’ll be a slave to a futile skincare regime...

So who’s with us? 



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