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Why we're rubbing coffee on our butt
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‘Everything gets better with coffee’- never has a truer word been spoken! For the last month we’ve been rising and grinding in a different way to our usual morning cappuccino – by rubbing the coffee beans on our butt. Yes really. We’re used to beauty lending itself to the bonkers, weird and downright bizarre but this tip is topping the poll (although the vampire facials where our own blood was injected into our face came close).

So why coffee? Jill Dermott the co-founder of Bean Burst (and their coffee scrubs that our newly pert derrières and cellulite free legs have to be thankful for) explains.

1. All about the caffeine. 

We figured this would be a biggie but the type is more important than we thought. ‘We specifically use Robusta coffee which contains a higher percentage of caffeine than the typical drinking coffee – Arabica’ (so not the dregs of our cafetiere), explains Dermott. ‘Caffeine is filled with antioxidants which will neutralise free radicals (the blighters that cause cell damage – hello cellulite!) - so the higher the caffeine content the more antioxidants you get’.

2. Not so smooth…

‘The rough texture of the ground coffee not only sloughs away the dead, dull skin cells but also gives an initial increase in blood supply to the surface of the skin, bringing with it an influx of healthy skin cells that help with the detoxifying process,’ Dermott tells us. When skin is rid of toxins it not only has a perky tone, but looks brighter too.

3. Did someone say slimming?

Another talent of caffeine is that it is an anti-inflammatory. ‘As caffeine can penetrate the skin and constrict the blood vessels, it helps to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite for tighter firmer skin,’ says Dermott.

4. Dimpled out!

Caffeine is a well-known diuretic (something that forces the body to lose water such as peeing), so dehydrates the fat cells beneath the skin to give the appearance of smoother, firmer skin, and will leave you with MUCH less cellulite (although this is a short term solution, as soon as you stop using a coffee scrub the dimples will come back…).

So can we put our order on repeat? Bikini body - pending…

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