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Why you need algae extract
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Algae. The word conjures images of green slime, seaweed and neglected pond water. But trust us, it’s all cool. We’re going to enlighten you on all the ways it’s great for your skin.

What is it?

“Dull-Skin Dora caked on some algae extract moisturiser that Flakey-Breaky Franny gave her to brighten skin up.”

Algae extract is buzzing with antioxidants, which allows it to live in pretty extreme climates. They protect skin from external nasties like pollution and sun damage that are big no-nos if you’re trying to fight the signs of ageing. They’re also great anti-inflammatories. This means that your skin will look brighter, healthier and in general, jolly good. You can get different types and colours of algae too – each have their own special party tricks. It’s also known as seaweed extract, so keep your eyes peeled on those ingredients lists.

Who needs it?

Who doesn’t need it? Our pal algae is accustomed to living in water, so it knows a thing or two about hydrating skin cells and give them a helping hand retaining moisture – great for dry skin types. The antioxidants in algae are great also for repairing skin cells, so you can wave away wrinkles and dull skin. Blemishes? The anti-inflammatory properties get to work on soothing inflamed, spot prone skin.

Where do we find it?

To scoff: Nori (the yummy seaweed around sushi), and weirdly, a lot of dairy products. It’s used to thicken foods like ice cream and chocolate.

To smother: Moisturiser, serums, masks – just about any lotion or potion that you apply to be absorbed by your skin. 

When should it go on our face?

Give it a go at night time when your skin is naturally regenerating. But feel free to use it in the day too to protect from pesky pollution.

Avoid it…


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