` Why champagne is our favourite new beauty trend
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Why you need champagne in your beauty regime
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Ah, beauty trends. From applying caviar to our faces to exfoliating diamond facials, they never fail to excite us. Keep the trends coming, we say!

As a matter of fact, we’ve come across a new beauty trend. This time it’s got nothing to do with caviar (although it does keep to the luxurious theme) - this one’s rather sophisticated, and it’s called champagne!

Not just reserved for weddings, A-list dos, or when you’re feeling a bit pleased with yourself, champagne has become a bit of a wonder ingredient in the beauty world – it can even help keep your skin looking young. But maybe most exciting, is how you can wear champagne every day of the week. We’ve spotted the bubbly as the top note in Marc Jacobs newest scent – Divine Decadence Eau de Parfum.

It’s the new floral, bubbly sister to the original fragrance, Decadence (the one that comes in a ridiculously nice bottle). The sparkling champagne scent is cleverly balanced with fresh orange blossom, tropical gardenia and sweet vanilla, which mix together to smell something resembling a life of free-flowing champagne. In heaven.

If the smell doesn’t immediately sway you (have you got a cold?), the beautiful bottle will. It’s an opulent shade of mint green and is inspired by Marc Jacobs’ iconic handbags, complete with a golden handbag chain and an old-school glamour black tassel. Bottom line: it’s going to look great in your boudoir and your Instagram feed. We’ve heard that Brazilian super beauty, Adriana Lima, is the face too. So we can all be assured that she smells as smoking, as she looks! Sign. Us. Up.

We’ll drink to that…


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