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Why your foundation is ageing you
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Stop it. Sun worshipping, smoking or raving ‘til midnight – sure we know they’re all ageing, but little old harmless foundation? We don’t believe it.

To get down to the nitty gritty, it’s just as much about the way we’re applying our slap as it is the type of foundation that’s ageing. Up there with the top myths out there is, ‘thick foundation covers wrinkles’ and ‘SPF foundation is really good sun protection’ to name countless others – so if, like us, you believe both of these statements (and there are plenty more where those came from) read on…

We chatted to Dior’s National Make-Up Artist, Jamie Coombes to find out where we’ve been going wrong all these years.

Myth 1: ‘If I put on loads of foundation it’ll cover everything’

Sorry pals, foundation isn’t a mask. One of the most common mistakes we all make is applying too much foundation (we know why it’s easy to do as you want to cover up the wrinkles, right?). ‘What happens is it’ll eventually sink into lines and actually emphasise them,’ explains Coombes. Keep it light, okay ladies?

Myth 2: ‘Full coverage is the only thing that’ll cover wrinkles’

Hold it right there. ‘Lunging for the full coverage feels like the best solution, and although the initial application may look more youthful, as your face moves throughout the day, your foundation will start to sit in any lines making them more apparent,’ explains Coombes.  Something lighter and more moisturising will move with the skin like the Diorskin Star Foundation ‘as it’s buildable and gives a lasting, radiant, no-make-up-make-up finish’. Or if you want something with little more coverage, try the new Diorskin Forever Foundation hugs skin and smooths over pores for a perfected finish.  

Myth 3: ‘A matte finish makes skin look perfected and youthful’

‘You wouldn’t think it, but matte foundation can be really ageing as it tends to make the face look flat– particularly if it’s a powder formula. Youthful skin will always have a more radiant and dewy finish and so I would opt for a luminous foundation and if you have to use powder, go for a very light dusting and just on the areas that need it’ (T-zone, we’re looking at you).

Myth 4: ‘My foundation has SPF in it so I’m fully protected’

Oh if only we had a lipstick for every time we heard that one. ‘Sun damage is the quickest way to age your skin,’ explains Coombes and you’d have to trowel on your foundation to get it to cover like an SPF would and that won’t help your skin at all! So if you’re using an SPF foundation as a sun block – stop – it’s leaving you exposed to the sun and ageing you. 

Myth 5: ‘Evenly cover your skin in foundation to smooth everything over’

We’ve all fallen at this hurdle. ‘You don’t always need foundation over the entire face’, reasons Coombes. ‘Try applying only in the areas that require coverage. Generally this tends to be the cheek area and around the nose and sometimes the chin but always avoid the area around the eye.’ The skin here is much thinner and any coverage blotches and creases.

Come on - be honest, how many are you guilty of? 

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