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Why your skin needs grape seed
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Grapes – aren’t they great? They happily go with cheese and biscuits, they make a great snack and they make up our favourite alcoholic tipple. Turns out the seeds are also big power-players in skincare too – you only need to Google grape seed to be inundated with products. Do you need them in your routine? Read on…

“Saggy Sara knocked out Selina Smooth, Crease-free Cara and Perky Paula as she charged for the last grape seed moisturiser. You go girl!”

What is it?

Put simply, it’s the extract from the seed of the grape. Sometimes it’s listed as GSE (Grape Seed Extract) for short. It’s a snazzy antioxidant that helps to fight cell damage that leads to wrinkles and dark spots. The seeds have a super-strong barrier to protect themselves from UV and environmental damage. This means they’re going to do a jolly good job at protecting your skin cells from sun damage too. They even out-perform vitamins C and E in the anti-ageing stakes.

Who needs it?

Everyone can benefit from being in the grape seed gang. The antioxidants and added UV protection shield and repair skin cells, meaning wrinkles will be less obvious and less likely to form in the first place – see you later, premature ageing. It’ll also help to lighten up pigmentation caused by too much sun worshipping and strengthen collagen to keep your skin plump and bouncy. It’s time to go giddy for grapes.

Where do we find it?

To scoff: Grapes! But you can also get grape seed supplement tablets.

To smother: Moisturisers, serums, eye creams, face oils, cleansers…

When should it go on our face?

All day, every day. Pop it on in the morning and the UV protection will give your usual SPF a boost. The antioxidants can also get to work overnight while your skin repairs itself, so get your grape seed extract at the ready!

Avoid it…

Obvious alert, but if you’re allergic to grapes you’ll need to give this one a miss.

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