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Why your skin needs manuka honey
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Manuka honey is one of those trend-driven foods that we’ve almost got sick of hearing about. But we’ve had a closer look and it turns out that all of the honey hype could turn out to be true…

What is it?

“Scar-face Serena yelled ‘chuck me the manuka honey face mask, I’m desperate’ at Pam Poreless.”

This kind of honey is produced by the busy bees of New Zealand that pollinate the native Manuka trees. It’s a type of ‘mono-floral’ honey, which basically means that the bees and the manuka trees are in an exclusive relationship – no bees sneaking around with other flowers here. But what makes it so special? Well. Unlike other types of honey, this one’s got a higher antibacterial level and it’s a rather snazzy anti-inflammatory too.

Who needs it?

If you suffer from acne you’re going to get on great with manuka. Since it’s so great at calming inflammation and zapping bacteria, it’s going to calm down volcano-sized spots and reduce the bacteria that causes them in the first place. It’s super moisturising (take note, dry skins) and it’s also good at treating scarring. It’s basically a big beauty multi-tasker. Now we understand what all the hype is about!

Where do we find it?

To scoff:

Manuka honey – but to be classed as a good manuka honey, it needs to have a decent ‘UMF’ (Unique Manuka Factor) rating to make sure you’re getting all the goodness. Anything above 10 and you’re good to go, honey.

To smother:

Apply the raw honey as a cleanser, face mask, moisturiser or even a spot treatment. You can also get these types of skin care products that contain the extract – but we reckon it’s best to go for the real deal and use it raw.

When should it go on our face?

If you’re planning on wearing make-up in the day, you’ll want to make sure leave this one for night time as, trust us, it can become a bit of a sticky situation under foundation. Apply at night to rev up the healing properties as you snooze.

Avoid it…


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