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Would you try this drastic ageing treatment?
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We’ve seen some pretty kooky ageing treatments come and go – the vampire facial, the urine facial (yes this is exactly what you think it is) or who could forget the bee venom facial where you actually sting yourself on purpose. But we’re missing something crucial here.

Women spend on average over £2,000 a year on beauty products in the UK, most of that goes on skincare, but it’s not just your face that you need to worry about.  Hands are the biggest giveaway of your actual age (not the illusive, filtered skin your perfecting foundation suggests) and often give the age game away especially as they age faster than any other part of the body.

This is because they've suffered years of graft, sun exposure and general environmental abuse and have had little attention apart from the token hand cream we keep in our car and on our desk..

The solution? IPL laser therapy. This has been rapidly gathering momentum stateside, with a number of A-listers (Jolie and Madge to name a couple) already jumping on the bandwagon.

Here’s how laser treatment works:

  • IPL laser (which stands for ‘intense pulsed light’) resurfaces the skin (much more than an exfoliator) by scattering through the dermis and renewing the surface, which improves the tone by fading dark spots and pigmentation.  
  • IPL can also get deeper into the dermis to promote collagen, which plumps hands so that creases don’t look so deep. It also masks pop up veins. 

As with most things that sound too good to be true, it comes with a slight snag being that it’s pretty expensive. The best thing to do is consult your dermatologist (no they don’t just specialise in your face, but body skin too) for the best course of treatment for your skin and you can begin turning back the hands of time. 

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