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You’re never too old to have fun with make-up
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The last time my Nan opened the door to me there was something different about her. Subtle, but definitely different. After scanning her up and down a few times trying to put my finger on the alteration I noticed she was wearing bright blue mascara. This is seismic. As a child I can remember rifling through my Nanny’s dressing table drawers and always stumbling across the same items – various nail polishes, all of differing shades of baby pink with matching selection of lipsticks, a Lancôme mascara and a trusty Lipcote. All noticeably labeled ‘age-appropriate’ make-up items.

Like my Nan, many women thought – and a lot still think – that the eye make-up and lipsticks they loved in their younger years wouldn’t translate to their older faces. Anxious of drawing attention to the challenges ageing presents, like crow’s feet and brow furrows, eye shadow and liner take a back-seat and brighter lipsticks are forgotten for fear that they will bleed into pucker lines around the mouth.

However, seeing Nan wearing a coloured mascara lifted her whole face. Her skin looked brighter because of it and her crow’s feet, whilst still prominent, seemed less noticeable because your eyes were drawn to her lashes and it made the shadows look less dark and sallow.

As we age our faces lose definition; our eyes become sunken and lashes become fairer and sparse. Rather than shy away from this, Space NK along with make-up extraordinaire Andrew Galimore has backed the bold in their new Timeless Beauty Campaign. It’s designed to show an AW ‘15 make-up look on two models with a 30-year age gap and how it looks awesome on both. Adding some definition in the way of metallic shadows, a touch of eyeliner and heaps of the NARS Audacious Mascara actually make you look brighter-eyed, more awake and infinitely more groomed.

There are however a few rules to abide by:

  1. Stick to warm peachy metallics and subtle highlighting to restore lost luminosity to older skin. Mature skin lacks moisture and that’s why it can often look crepey - some well-placed highlighter will cheat hydration.
  2. Avoid pinks – apricot, peach and nudes are much more flattering around the eyes and cheeks.
  3. Dark, plummy tones worn on lips are flattering regardless of your age. If you have lines around your mouth use a lip liner to define the edges first. Lipsticks perform better now than ever so they’re unlikely to run and hydrating formulas will help your lips look healthy and plump.
  4. NEVER forgo mascara. The stuff instantly livens your complexion – always have one glued to your side.

Have we convinced you? Give it a go and let us know how you get on – hello@thisispowder.co.uk

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