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You need every single one of these masks
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Wardrobes provide us with such joy; there’s nothing better than opening the doors every morning and deciding who you want to be that day. Better still, adding another pair of shoes to the collection (ok, they are a bit similar to a pair we already own - but the difference is everything).  And why stop at shoes? We’ve recently taken to expanding our wardrobe horizons, swapping frocks for facemasks. We guarantee there’s a facemask for every occasion. Read on dear friends…

Out to impress

Whether you’re off to meet that chap or it’s the first day at a new job, this is when you’ll be needing nothing short of a clear, blemish-free face. GLAMGLOW’s SUPERMUD ensures you have exactly that. You only need a thin layer, which you pop onto cleansed skin. There’s a combo of six acids inside, including AHA to help smooth any lumps and bumps and BHA to unclog pores. The best bit about this mask though, is the physical reaction you get when the activated charcoal and clay get to work. They cleverly extract toxins and sebum, so as the mask dries a lighter colour, little darks spots of what’s come out of your pores appear. Strangely addictive.

Getting ready for a wedding

You’ve nailed the outfit (and hat), so it’s natural that you’d want your skin to be on point too. And it can be. In under fifteen minutes. Yep, you read that correctly. Apply a thin layer of GLAMGLOW’s YOUTHMUD, leave for ten minutes and then wash off with water in circular motions for added exfoliation. In that short period of time the mixture of Mediterranean mud, volcanic pumice and Teaoxi (antioxidant-rich green tea leaves) has gently exfoliated and detoxified to draw out impurities. You’ll know it’s happening, because of the tingling sensation you get.

The morning after the night before

We’ve all been there, had the time of your life on the dance floor until the early hours. You’ve woken up and your skin is really NOT having the time of it’s life. Before you hop it into the kitchen for a superfood, make a beeline for your mask line up and pick out GLAMGLOW’s THIRSTYMUD. This is like a much needed glass of water for your skin. Pop it on, and then tend to your Nutribullet. Leave the mask on for twenty minutes, by which point most of it will have absorbed into the skin. Tissue off any excess and massage the rest in, like you would a face cream. Armed with this and your green juice, you’ll be back to tip-top in no time.

POW_ER TIP: If you manage to remember and aren’t having too much of a good time (wink wink), then you can also pop the THIRSTYMUD on before bed and leave on overnight for ultra-plumped skin.


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Sunday home-spa session

Unless you feature on the Sunday Times Rich List, it’s unlikely that you’re in a position to book in for weekly facials. However, there’s a lot to be said for the Sunday home-spa session. All you really need is a bowl of warm soapy water for your tired feet, an addictive new series on Netflix and GLAMGLOW’s POWERMUD. This is like a double cleanse in a tub. It gets rid of the weekly build up of grime, toxins and makeup. Apply a thin layer to your face just before you dip your toes in and press play on your laptop. While it dries, a combination of super oils, clays and skin conditioners deeply cleanse the skin from deep down. After ten minutes remove with water, in a circular motion and watch as the mask turns into a cleansing oil to further clean the skin. You’ll be beyond prepped for Monday.


Gone are the days when you just asked someone to take a picture of you and be done with it (and then burnt it if it was really bad). There’s the utmost skill required to taking a picture of yourself now. The best way to prepare for this is by making sure that your skin looks the glowiest, the firmest and the tightest it possibly can be. First step is to apply a generous layer of GLAMGLOW’s newest hero mask, GRAVITYMUD, with the little brush that comes with it. It goes on a pearly white colour and as it dries it becomes the most stunning silver film across your face.

POW_ER TIP: If there was ever a mask created to be worn in selfies, it’s the GRAVITYMUD. Take a few and join the thousands of others all over Instagram now.  If you tag @GLAMGLOWUK then they might just re-gram you on the official account.

Next step is leave to dry for 30 minutes. In this time skin tightens and firms thanks to the algae plasma, marshmallow and licorice leaf ingredients. Then, once there are no wet patches left anywhere, start to peel the mask off, starting from your chin. The final step is find your light and get snapping.


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After the holiday of a lifetime

Since you got back from your two-week trip to paradise, you’ve noticed some sweet little freckles that have sprung up across your nose and forehead. While these may look cute, they’re a sign that you’ve been sunning yourself a little too much and your skin is in need of some TLC. This comes in the form of GLAMGLOW’s FLASHMUD – a brightening mask that when you use it for three days in a row and then twice a week afterwards, your skin will look more radiant. The ingredients in this mask are pretty punchy, so be sure to use a high SPF everyday when you’re using it.

Mask up people, mask up.

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