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You won’t believe the ‘80s trend that’s making a comeback
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We spent a good half an hour this morning in Powder HQ discussing everything we love from the ‘80s - Reebok Freestyles, ET, Swayze’s snake hips, jelly shoes and aerobics were some of the front-runners. What spurred this sudden flashback? An email headed, ‘The perm is back’.

Yes it’s true, but before you start brandishing a pair of straighteners in horror, it’s not in the Minogue ‘Lucky’ way (this song will be stuck in your head all day now, we can’t shake it!). ‘The perm renaissance will be different this time around as curls will be more tamed and less frizzy and tailored to suit each individual’s requirements – bespoke curls were not so accessible in the ‘80s,’ explains Charles Worthington (n.b. complimentary lycra leggings not compulsory with perm purchase).  

The only thing to note is, perms have a tricky job description and require particular skills on your hair CV – if you have very weak, damaged hair or 30% or more of your hair is made up of bleached highlights, you’re not the right candidate as the treatment is a chemical one and too damaging for your already fragile hair.

How to care for a perm: The main thing to remember with your new ‘do is that curls crave moisture much more than straight hair (particularly ones that have been chemically enforced). ‘Anything for anti-frizz, that’s smoothing or oil-based will do the trick,’ explains Worthington, so stock up your dressing table with at least one of these new essentials.

POW_ER Tip: A great at-home treatment is the hot towel trick. Worthington explains, ‘Lightly dampen a towel and then put it in the microwave for three minutes so that it’s hot (odd but bear with us…). The apply a hair mask to you hair and wrap the hot towel around your head for about 15 minutes (or just until it has cooled down) then rinse. The steam from the towel helps to open the cuticles and push the intensive treatment in deeper.’

Who’s feeling brave enough to give it a go?


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