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Skin Notes
You won't believe what alcohol does to your skin
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So you’re having flashbacks of galloping round MacDonald’s with a broom between your thighs shouting ‘I caught the snitch’ whist stuffing your face with a ball-sized nugget. Excellent. Despite already suffering humiliation at the feat of an already uploaded snapchat video from your annoyingly sober friend, it’s more than just your dignity that’s suffered.

Alcohol is disastrous for your skin health. Of course it takes more than a couple of Moscow Mules to cause long term issues, but consistent boozing will give long term side effects.

Puffy face: Alcohol is an inflammatory which is why you look bloated and puffy faced the next day. For most of us after a boozy night out, this will go very quickly, but repeated drinking causes inflammation to the tissue in skin and when you damage the structure, wrinkles will form.

Spots: As your liver is working overtime to detox the alcohol in your system it can’t concentrate on doing the same filtering process to your skin (hence Vesuvius making an appearance the next day).

Redness: Alcohol causes a rush of blood flow, which often leads to blood vessels dilating, or if they exceed max capacity, bursting. Be particularly careful if you already have a rosacea or sensitivity issue as excessive alcohol will exacerbate the problem. 

Dryness: Alcohol saps your body of moisture and when skin is dry, it creases (hello wrinkles!). A double pronged attack will help – glug a litre of water before you go to bed to hydrate from the inside and liberally slather on a super creamy moisturiser.

Dullness: You know that grey, sallow look you rock with your hangover? It’s because booze robs your skin of vitamin A, which is essential for cell renewal.

About the above - the cleaner the alcohol, the quicker it gets out of your system and the less you’ll notice the effects. Vodka, Gin, Tequila – come to Mama.

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