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How to choose the perfect foundation for black skin


The struggle is real people! Finding a foundation is hard enough, but finding one that caters for black skin? Times that two fold (at least).  

Thankfully brands have heard our woes and are finally expanding their colour ranges (there is a beauty God out there!). Topping the list at the moment, is the new Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear range, which has a whopping 40 shades – people are already going bonkers for it.  

But before you gallantly skip off to your nearest department store here are a couple of tips to get the perfect shade.

Always use a colour corrector

‘If you have areas of darker, uneven pigmentation - on deeper skin tones these occur around the mouth and eyes - applying your regular foundation can make these areas appear ashy. Try applying an orange-y corrector to these areas first; the warmth of the corrector should counteract the darkness & enable your foundation to look truer to the rest of your complexion,’ explains Alex Babsky, Lancôme’s UK Makeup Ambassador.

Mix and match shades

‘Matching foundation for darker skin can be challenging since often, different areas of the face have different levels of pigmentation,’ explains Babsky, ‘most commonly, the perimeter of the face has a richer, deeper colour, while the centre is often a slightly brighter tone.’ To account for this, you have two options;

1. ‘You can match your foundation to the “average” overall skin tone - that is to say, one which is mid-way between the deeper and the brighter areas of the complexion.’ However, one uniform skin tone so can end up looking a little “flat.”

2. Or you can use two tones of foundation; one which matches the deeper areas of your complexion and another that matches the brighter areas. This gives your face dimension and mimics your natural complexion.

Go matte but not too matte

‘Although women with darker skin are often more conscious of not wanting to look “shiny,” choosing an extremely matte foundation can give a flatter, “chalkier” appearance as it sets, even if the colour went on as a perfect match. Look for a foundation that doesn’t sacrifice one of these attributes for the other. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear gives a flattering, believable matte finish to the skin, without compromising depth of colour as it sets.’

Now shop until your hearts content!

Watch our video for the best way to apply foundation and for the best tips and tricks have a peak out our latest videos for #FoundationFix month with Lancôme. There’s plenty more where this came from…

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