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How to make your fragrance last longer


Unless you’re partial to a Middle-Eastern oud, then your perfume is probably disappearing faster than your 7am coffee. We know it’s supposed to be temporary but it’s a little too fleeting for our liking. We’ve always thought that was because we’ve become immune to our own scent but actually it’s down to the tekkers (yes - there is a wrong way to apply perfume, who knew?).

Turns out fragrance is a right old fusspot. Your skin can’t be too dry, you can’t apply over clothes and rubbing your wrists together is a mortal sin (yup, we were guilty of all of the above too).

Here’s how apply it the right way to get it to last much longer.

Tip 1: Don’t rub your wrists (yes this goes against every natural instinct!)

Despite women doing this for centuries – actually we don’t think there has been an era where this hasn’t been done – rubbing your wrists together causes friction, which blows the light top notes off your fragrance making it fade much faster.

Tip 2: Apply after the shower

The steam from a hot shower opens up pores allowing them to soak up the scent and keep it there. It basically gives perfume something to grip hold of.

Tip 3:  Get low

Like heat, scent rises. So if you spray it on the lower points of the body, it’ll hang around with you a lot longer.

Tip 4: Hairspray

Hair holds perfume really well. We’d recommend spraying your brush rather than directly on your hair. FYI, there will always be those who say the alcohol in perfume will dry out the hair – ignore them! Unless you’re tipping the whole bottle on your hair, a couple of spritzes won’t do anything drastic.

Tip 5: Don’t shake your perfume

Perfume doesn’t need mixing up like a fruit juice. They’re happiest just sat on the bathroom shelf. Shaking it up will only let air in that turns it off much faster.

Who knew fragrance was SO high maintenance, right?

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